Kumamoto Rekimachi 360° Digital Stamp Rally in Kawashiri! Finished

Kumamoto City is promoting historical town , and to commemorate the release of a 360°VR movie of the Kawashiri, a digital stamp rally is being held in conjunction with the Kumamoto health app “Genki Up Kumamoto”.

Take a walk in Kawashiri, a port town on land of the Kumamoto domain, and receive a wonderful gift!


Date:February 7,2023 – February 27,2023


How to join:

1.Download the free Genki Up Kumamoto app.

2.Select “Stamp Rally” from the menu and click “Challenge”.

3.Travel the stamp rally map and earn digital stamps at 7 locations.

4.After collecting all the stamps, get a present at Kawajiri Shoten Sui.



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